The History of WordPress

The History of WordPress

If you have actually started a site or blog site in the last couple of years, you contend least come across the prominent CMS and also blogging platform called WordPress. Chances are, you either use it yourself, or you recognize someone who does. Their own website shows off over 71 million websites around the world using their software application. Several of their individuals are fairly significant, consisting of UPS, CNN as well as TechCrunch, to name simply a few.

So just how does open source software application expand from an idea to a controlling force for details in just one decade? If I understood the response to that I would certainly be starting my own software program business right now. Nonetheless, even if we do not recognize the why of success, the tale of the history of WordPress is an interesting one. Let me share a few of them with you.

At first

The background of WordPress starts in 2003, with its release by creators Matt Mullenweg as well as Mike Little. The software application we understand today in fact started as a fork of a software program called B2. This software was developed under GPL (Public Certificate) banner, which indicated that Mullenweg as well as Little were totally free to choose it up and run with it.

They did this by creating a “fork,” which is when one programmer utilizes the resource code from a given item of software application as well as begins developing it individually up until they have created a distinct item of running software. In everyday language … they produced a spin-off from the original B2 software program.

From its launch in 2003, which took place in May of that year, the initial release of the software application had actually already been downloaded and install over 6 million times by September of the same year. That is a rather amazing development. WordPress has been on a constant higher trajectory because of that time.

Important Additions

One of the things that seem to affect the popularity of WordPress is that the software program has actually been constantly improved given its launch. Below is a list of the additions to the software and also the year they were added. For additional tips and information about wordpress hosting, you can visit their page to learn more.

2004 – Plugins are presented

2005 – The alternative Themes and also static pages were included.

2007 – A banner year for updates with ever far better additions with each launch including:

Spell check attributes


Boosted Atom feed support

2008 – Growth was all about improving the UI (user interface). The dashboard widget system was introduced as well as breakthroughs were made to make the admin tool more adjustable for the individual.

2009 – Improvements included an integrated theme editor along with the photo editing capacities.

2010 – First major release bringing about extended control over article types, and food selection administration, as well as allowing for customized headers and backgrounds. Likewise used for the first time was the capability to handle multiple websites. This release additionally featured a new default theme which was named “Twenty Ten”

2011 – Proceeded improvements with a focus on making the software easier for starting individuals.

2012 – New media supervisor and also a brand-new default motif called “Twenty Twelve.”


The underlying code for the WordPress software application is taken into consideration by open resources, which implies that it is complimentary to download, modify and offer or rearrange the code. Consider it as an internationally owned code that is free to the globe and based on the globe for its innovation. When it comes to WordPress, the results have actually been amazing. It is because of the open-source nature of the software that you and I have the ability to build an internet site or blog site on its foundation without needing to pay for licensing.

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