Real estate sector

If you’re reading this post it’s because you’re probably interested
to real estate investments.

My primary product is real estate.

Regardless of what the newspapers and TV say that real estate prices are declining, real estate is and will always be the fastest way to earn money for those who are inclined to invest safely.

We still need to have a roof over our heads.
You might want a nice car, a motorcycle, a dream holiday but, if you do not have the house and do not pay the mortgage or rent you are in the middle of the road.

It is a priority and therefore when you invest in the priorities of human beings you cannot fail as long as you know what you are doing.
Imagine becoming rich with speculative funds or actions; certainly it’s possible, but imagine the risks arising from the fluctuations of these financial “products” over which you have no power to maneuver.

If you buy a property for investment and you can not .

If you buy a property for investment and you can not ….. to sell it you can always rent it without losing money and wait for the market to rise.

If you buy a share and it goes down or you sell it at a loss or they are trouble.

The world of real estate investments instead and ‘a world that we all know even if you do not mind.
If you think about it for a moment even if you are not a professional investor, however, you have an idea of the prices in your area for having met some friend, neighbor or relative who sold or bought house and then already ‘a small idea of the prices you know.
So what do I want to recommend to those who would like to invest, but do not think you are able to do so?

To get out of the head that ‘impossible and start playing on the safe.

Let me explain myself better.

Most people do not start a new initiative because the doubts, fears, anxiety make the big voice with our minds.
Our fears always win and make you lead a “safe” life without risk.

But is it really worth living a life like this?

And if I told you that with real estate investments there is a method that allows you to at least
to try with minimal or no risk?

In this post I will reveal you a little secret that serves to please your subconscious, your state of fear and make him understand that maybe it is worth trying.

To convince ourselves (our worst enemy of decisions) that it is possible to try a first real estate investment from scratch and without risk, and I will tell you ‘more’ by calculating what would happen if you went wrong, the only way is to simulate the entire path from A to Z in both positive and negative.

Last question (to your subconscious) you think that knowing what you can lose if you are really denied for real estate investments would you try to conclude a ‘real estate transaction?

If the answer is yes you are perhaps dialoguing correctly with your fears and therefore you are already well on your way.
Now it’s my turn to make you a simulation of what can happen to a novice or a person who wants to complete a real estate transaction.

If you think about it, who would not want to make money with real estate?

Money pleases everyone, so if you never start to invest in real estate and postpone is not ‘because’ he does not like money but because’ his subconscious sends him mixed signals of defense and in a nutshell is afraid to lose money or thinks that it takes too much money to
investing in real estate.

Dubai Marina Dubai, United Arab Emirates, May 1, 2007 (Photo by Khatuna Khutsishvili/ITP Images)

My job in this post is to show you now how you can simulate a path to start at least trying the first operation and the possible loss in case of failure.
Many erroneously focus on how much to earn from an investment leaving aside instead the equally important thing that is the maximum bearable loss.

In my opinion who knows well how much can ‘lose then you can’ serenely refuse to invest ;but at least will’ have concrete data and not signs of fear based on nothing.

Let’s start by simulating 3 types of real estate transactions.


For those who have never heard of it or do not understand this niche of investment, I will simply explain what this technique is.
Meanwhile, the preliminary sale and ‘a private contract between a promising seller and a promising buyer where the parties agree at a price X to sell and buy a property within
a certain date.

The buyer can ‘at the expiration of the property to himself or other people and here is the strength of this contract in fact no one prevents you from naming the property to another person who is perhaps a new buyer that you have found a figure slightly higher’ than the price originally agreed and your earnings and’ precisely the difference more’ that ideas with the new buyer, we will see better after very clear examples.

This technique is very profitable and suitable for those who start with little money and little experience has the potential ‘to create leverage effect because of the lack of header of the property and the tax savings.
Let’s start from the fact that in addition to instructing your subconscious to assess the maximum loss bearable, you must also instruct your mind to know the techniques for making good business with the transfer of the preliminary.


Let’s analyze instead another technique very used by realtors that is to leverage with debt.
In fact, if you buy a property at 80000 thousand euros and the necessary amount lends you the bank, if you resell the property at 100000 euros you have a gain of 20000 euros clean clean without having anticipated anything.
If you do it once and you can make a profit by closing the remaining mortgage, the bank will gladly resell you a second time and also a third time so that ‘you become a reliable customer.

How do you simulate a loss?

With this technique, the losses are very few. In fact, if you really do not want to sell below the price paid to buy you can charge the installment of the mortgage by your tenant, ie renting the property waiting for the market to rise by putting a rag to your mistake.
In many cases the mortgage installment is lower than the rent and you can also have some money to put aside every month from the rent.
Of course, if you make a mistake the first time because you have not studied the prices well, maybe you will not invest until you sell it again, but if we have to see the worst that can happen and that you will find yourself with your own property with a mortgage installment paid by another person.

Much better than losing money with equity investments.

Automatic returns.

This investment and ‘the workhorse of the most’ doubtful, hesitant and reluctant to invest in real estate.
The potential of this sector is formidable.
Create a first monthly extra income thanks to subleases and ‘the thing’ easier and’ less used.

In fact, many visitors find it easier to start creating a monthly income with little risk and then become more ‘aggressive.
If I have to be honest, I have done the opposite in my career, but everyone is free to start where they want.

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