What is a digital mortgage?

The digital mortgage is already a reality in many countries and is changing the way we contract this type of credit. With the use of technologies such as digital documents and electronic signatures, the process becomes faster, safer and much less bureaucratic.

In Brazil, the mortgage has lost strength in recent years and many banks have stopped working with this type of credit, due to the difficulties and legal insecurities that involve the system, especially when compared to the fiduciary alienation.

In this article, we will better explain what digital mortgages are and what their advantages are. But before that, it is worth understanding how the mortgage works in Brazil.…

Condominium fine: How should the receiver apply?

The condominium fine is a very controversial issue for building superintendents of all kinds. After all, how to proceed in these cases? What are the rights and duties of the parties involved? How can procedural issues be referred and no illegality be incurred?

As we know, all these questions are not simple to resolve. It is necessary to seek instruction from reliable sources who are concerned with passing on the best information in a simple and didactic manner.

This is exactly our proposal with today’s post. Continue reading and learn more!

How to deal with inconvenient condominium members?
Before we understand how to apply the condominium fine, we need to discuss how to deal with inconvenient condominium members who are responsible for causing disharmony in the community.…

Trends In Building Materials

In recent years, a change is taking place in construction and architecture due to social awareness and new advances in sustainability, respect for the environment, ecology and energy efficiency. Society demands buildings with a minimum of environmental impact and maximum respect for our planet, but also follow trends in building materials.

We are faced with important changes and new trends when it comes to choosing building materials for buildings, whether in structures, facades or interiors, so architecture takes on a significant role.

In ACH today we bring you the trends in building materials that are already being implemented in the buildings of the 5 continents.…

Tips to find the best real estate agent

Probably one or two, an expense that involves a payment term of several years, usually spins in the buyer’s head over a considerable period.

When it comes to a property there are few experts in making this type of purchase, so when you decide to do so, it is important to choose the right real estate agent or advisor to help you make the best choice for you.

The importance of using the services of an advisor lies in the question of options: it is very likely that you alone will not find as many purchase opportunities as an advisor will find for you, and will do so according to your budget.…