In recent years more and more people have decided to leave a static and monotonous office job to put themselves to the test, undertaking an entrepreneurial path in the real estate sector. Of course it is risky and the fear of making mistakes is always around the corner, but the desire to launch into an independent career and profitable for many is stronger than doubts and insecurities.

In the past we have already talked on our blog about what it means to become a real estate entrepreneur, what it means to launch into a career like this and why it is good to do so if you feel that this is the right way. The questions that readers asked us all revolved around the same thorny issue: the decision is made, I want to be my own boss and start my own agency. But how do you become a real estate entrepreneur?

Becoming a real estate entrepreneur today

Let’s start by saying that to become an entrepreneur you don’t need any particular qualifications, an above-average I.Q. or a particularly brilliant idea. Of course, some people are more predisposed to this type of career, but these are qualities that can be learned or consolidated.

The basis is to think of an activity that provides a better service than the competition. Does it look complicated? It is not. We are talking about the real estate market, a field that, the rental market in particular, has an exorbitant number of competitors. Every city, whether small or large, has an extensive network of real estate agencies ready to attract as many customers as possible to close as many contracts as possible.

Why then throw yourself into this sea of sharks and risk so much? The secret is to identify a target of customers and act to meet their demands. The goal is to aim for quality service rather than quantity. Once you’ve studied a system that works, the quantity will come by itself.

Once you understand this, it’s like laying the foundations for an entrepreneurial career. Now all that’s left is to start building. Let’s see how to become a real estate entrepreneur in 3 points:

The idea

Setting up your own business in the real estate sector means opening an agency in the same city as other agencies, if not in the same district or even a few meters away. It’s not about opening an innovative business, but about providing a service that is already widely covered. How is it possible to be successful despite the great competition?

The answer is simple. Those looking for a home have in mind a property with specific characteristics, which reflects their personality and is adaptable to their habits and that of their family. It is a very important choice for an individual and research can be very difficult in terms of time and energy spent, not to mention money. Facilitating this step is the task of a real estate agency that works, and providing a quality service will be your business card. The important thing is to set goals and work towards them.

Don’t be afraid of competitors. Having competitors can be a great incentive to improve your business and grow your business.

The Beginning

Remember that starting your own business is an uphill path, there are plenty of obstacles and difficulties are the order of the day. There is no instruction manual for becoming a real estate entrepreneur and the only way to move forward is to learn from your mistakes.

That’s why it’s important to be aware of your skills but also of your limits, and not be blocked by the doubts that may arise along the way or be intimidated by the fear of failure.

Fundamental to start a new real estate agency is the preparation in your field: constant training courses, workshops and a lot of curiosity should become the daily bread of the good real estate entrepreneur. Surely many experiences will be acquired “in the field”, but a professional prepared and updated on standards and benefits will transmit great security and confidence to its customers.


A company can stay small and function well without making the “big leap”. But you need to be ready to face the possibility that the business grows and expands on the territory and on the market.

Anyone who thinks of a large company as a small company, but larger, is wrong. A growing business must be able to change and adapt to the changing environment. For this reason it is very important for an entrepreneur to be always open to change, ready to follow the wave and make the necessary changes to the structure of their business.

Do not be static but evolve with your company. A system that worked at the beginning, does not necessarily remain effective forever.

To conclude

One tends to think that building one’s own business is something for superhuman, unconscious, or unscrupulous people. In reality, starting a business is within everyone’s reach, just have a lot of passion and willpower. The fear of failing or making mistakes is legitimate and no one says that without fear it will be a smooth path, indeed.

The secret to running a business lies in the ability to get up after failures, get back on track after making mistakes and learn from them. The path to becoming a real estate entrepreneur will be tortuous and full of challenges, but if the basis is love for their work, the satisfaction will be great and exciting.

Do you want to set up your own business and start a real estate agency? The franchising system proposed is a good solution to start without the fear of too large and risky investments, relying instead on a brand already started and consolidated.

The mistakes you can make in real estate, especially when you’re starting out, are so many.

Some are inevitable for your growth process, others you can avoid by applying some good advice.

In my courses and on Facebook, there are many false steps that prevent an entrepreneur from investing in real estate effectively.

In this post I collect the most common mistakes, in a limited area such as the purchase of real estate income, and tell you how to avoid them.

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